Wild - 12 bore
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Gun:Trap Over and Under Shotgun in 12ga
Action:Bosis action with solid tang. Non detachable trigger group. Proprietary springs made in Belgium (by the same maker as the Michelangelo's)
Trigger:Single trigger (double trigger available on request)
Barrels:Monobloc barrels in 42 NiCrMo4, 30" long
Ribs:10 x 7 mm ventilated top rib and ventilated side ribs
Ejectors:Automatic ejectors
Stock:Full pistol grip in deluxe Turkish or Russian walnut. Prince of Wales stock or straight stock available on request
Weight:3.700 kilos
Options:Gold oval with initials or initials inlaid in the stock. Bosis crest in the forend. Fine checkering made by hand, 0.8 lines per cm. Long trigger guard on request
Engraving:Game scenes hand engraved by Master Galeazzi Angelo.
NOTE: this gun features case color by Mr. Ledger in the UK