When selecting the wood to stock one of our best guns, it is important for us to know if it is going to be used mainly for sporting or hunting. In fact we want to make sure the wood will not only be gorgeous, but also RIGHT performance wise! We personally pick all our blanks which come from either Turkey or Russia. Every blank needs to have 8% - 10 % humidity to be used. When we buy them just a few months after the tree has been cut, they are definitely too wet to be used on our guns. We just let them dry naturally. We never put them in ovens to speed up the drying process.


Mr. Bosis works with an engineer to turn his sketches and drawings into CAD files ready for the most advanced machinery. Of course the parts of a modern Michelangelo over and under shotgun and every other Bosis gun now come off the most advanced and precise pieces of equipment but each gun originates from the original, old-fashioned paper drawings and still requires a lot of work by hand. Stocking, barrel polishing, fitting, lock assembly as well as the finishing of all parts (regardless of how good they come off the machine) is entirely done by hand.


Engraving will give the final touch and personality to your gun. The options are endless and we have handpicked some of the best engravers across the world for this job. You can choose a theme and let our artists do the work or you can work together with us down to the last detail.


A shotgun needs love and care just like any work of art. Therefore it is important to service and maintain your gun in the best possible way. We have specially designed cases that helps you transport and store your gun. They come with all accessories needed such as cleaning rods and brushes.