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Bosis WildEnglishA new shotgun from the Bosis family34 Kb
Engineering and manufacturing strategyEnglish30 Kb
Bosis one barrelsEnglish17 Kb
New Bosis locksEnglish60 Kb
Michelangelo brochureEnglish7070 Kb
Bosis WildItalianA new shotgun from the Bosis family40 Kb
Canne Bosis OneItalianBreve descrizione di come sono realizzate le canne Bosis One10 Kb
New Bosis locksItalian85 Kb
Michelangel SidelocksEnglish"True to scale, perfect in balance"3350 Kb
Shooting Gazette EnglishIssue, May 2010352 Kb
Sporting Classic articleEnglish803 Kb
Bosis is the mostestEnglishFrom The Shooting Sportsman magazine, 20081173 Kb
The wild new frontierEnglishArticle by Dan Brunt for Clay Shooting USA1230 Kb
Luciano Bosis - GunmakerRussian1454 Kb