Fine italian custom gun

Bosis fine italian gun

1 Barrels

The Barrels

Bosis demibloc barrels with 70-mm chambers are induction welded at 650° using a castolin alloy and come with either 8x5 mm solid ribs or ventilated top ribs that taper from 10 mm down to 7mm. Sights can be red fluorescent, silver or gold. Both top ribs and solid side ribs are soldered. The tubes are 8/10 mm thick and come with either fixed chokes or Briley choke tubes.

Bosis barrels are made using a new material and following an innovative manufacturing process tested and certified step by step. The new steel called BOSIS 1 and BOSIS 2 has been specifically studied in the workshop of Travagliato (Bs) to build shotgun barrels. It is a very strong aeronautical steel whose technical name is 42CrMoEsr where ESR or VAR means that it complies with aeronautical standards (Aerospace Material Specification). The tubes are forged, normalized, annealed at 680–720°, slowly cooled down in the furnace, hardened at 820-850°, cooled down in water, re-hardened at 830-860°, cooled down in oil and eventually annealed at 450-630° for one hour minimum. After that the tubes go through three different finishing phases: rough polishing, fine polishing with preparation for bluing and glossy black bluing. This steel and process are ideal for Mr. Bosis’s high quality guns where the combination of a very sound mechanism with the best materials available and a very accurate manufacturing process results in outstanding ballistic performances.

The ejectors in 39NiCrMo3 steel are above the lugs and feature a small cam that fits in the action sides and charges the springs located there.



2 Type of rib and hand blueing

As for the rib you can choose from a 8mm x 5mm rib for game guns, 10mm x 7 mm or 10mm x 10 mm for sporting or trap guns. The rib can be solid with solid middle ribs or ventilated with ventilated middle ribs.

Brief description of our blueing process

Bluing is a process applied to all ferrous metals with the exception of stainless steel. It employs salts which are mixed with water and brought to a certain temperature to blacken or “pre-rust” the metal. The color the metal gets depends on several factors, from the type of salt used to the preparation of the metal itself. Before dipping in the salt solution, all metal parts are cleaned, degreased and properly finished. Bluing is applied to both monobloc and demibloc barrels. At Bosis we have developed a proprietary polishing technique which when combined with our bluing solution yields a color and luster which is comparable to best “London Blacking”.


3 The action

The action

The action comes from a solid block of 18NiCrMo5 forged carburization steel (Uni standards) very workable and stable during heat treatments. When this steel is carburized at 880-930° the surface reaches 62-64 HRC and the material becomes very strong with excellent mechanical features. The core is heat treated at 840-870° and cooled down in oil. The annealing at 150-200° is followed by air cooling.

The locking bolts are in Maragin250 steel, 50-52 HRC, forged, solution heat-treated and precipitated at 480° for 5 hours.

The Holland & Holland type mechanism features “V” springs built in Belgium according to Mr Bosis’s drawings and specifications.

The new locks feature a hidden window completely covered with engraving. This window can be opened by means of a wooden tool specifically studied and built for that purpose that comes with every shotgun. A Torx screw fixes the side plates to the action and is removable by means of a custom made screw driver that also comes with every shotgun. The side plates are made from a solid block of steel and the pillars that hold the mechanism in place are solid to them. Therefore the action is completely pinless. The locks are in 18NiCrMo5, while some small internal parts are in 56NiCrV7Ku, an excellent steel made very resistant by Vanadium. Hammers and sears are in the same material.

Firing pins are in stainless steel Aisi 440B which reaches 57 HRC after hardening and guarantees very high resistance to corrosion, stress and wear.



4 Wood

When selecting the wood to stock one of our best guns, it is important for us to know if it is going to be used mainly for sporting or hunting. In fact we want to make sure the wood will not only be goergeuos, but also RIGHT performance wise! We personally pick all our blanks which come from either Turkey or Russia. Every blank needs to have 8%-10% humidity to be used. When we buy them just a few months after the tree has been cut, they are definitely too wet to be used on our guns. We just let them dry naturally. We never put them in ovens to speed up the drying process.

5 Lock on Michelangelo action

Luciano Bosis has designed and produced new pinless locks for his high-end intercepting-sear sidelock O/U shotguns in 12, 20, 28 and .410. We wanted to create something absolutely unique that any gun connoisseur could easily identify as the “Bosis locks”. Starting from some pre-existing designs we’ve changed what we thought needed to be changed and added new technical and cosmetic features to give his O/Us a cutting-edge design and the best possible quality.

The new pinless locks are produced in scaled 12, 20, 28 and .410 action sizes and detach via a tiny Torx® screw hidden under an invisible trap door. Despite being much more resistant than any other screw, Torx® screws are a lot easier to remove when it comes to detaching the locks. Every shotgun comes with a perfectly shaped wood wedge specifically studied to open the hidden trap door and a tiny custom-made screw driver to loosen the Torx® screws.


Luciano Bosis new locks feature many big element of novelty:


  1. The bridle rests over columns machined integrally with the plate. The entire column can be threaded for the specially designed retaining Torx® screws making it much stronger than a screw just threaded into the thickness of the sidelock wall. Torx® screws hold a lot more than any other screw and help the bridle and the entire lock system stay in place regardless of the incredible vibrations developed while shooting. Furthermore the special star-headed Torx® screws reamed at 60° yield more contact area and do not get loose even after millions of vibrations caused by thousands of rounds.

  2. The only holes in the completely pinless locks are the threaded screw holes that go into the plate only halfway through. No exterior pin mars the engraver’s canvas.

  3. The mainspring is located above and behind the bridle where it is less likely to move - an important feature in a pinless shotgun where the mainspring stud can go only halfway through the sidelock. The bridle is also a little longer than usual and slightly bent upwards to better contain and further stabilize the spring. This technical improvement is also a very distinctive cosmetic feature that allows every gun connoisseurs to immediately recognize the new Bosis locks. The gun maker proudly says: “It is the artist’s touch and it looks nice…it is like a feather on a beautiful cap!”

  4. The mainspring hinge is further away from the safety sear spring than in any other lock built so far, thus allowing to use a more elastic spring and ensure better spring strength and resistance

  5. One mainspring end is always engaged with the hammer which can rebound only to the extent the gun maker wants it to rebound


The following elements of novelty will help you understand how anal and fastidious Luciano Bosis was while creating his new O/U shotgun locks:


  1. Every operation carried out inside the locks to create the columns solid to the plate uses extremely small, high-resistance cutters the gun maker designed and had built specifically for that purpose. These cutters generate absolutely perfect cuts (zero tolerances) starting from the very first cutting operations.


  1. We have selected the best possible materials to build his new O/U shotgun. The lockplates are in special alloy steel 18NiCrMo5 which is the best material for this part.


  1. The lock internal components are in 56NiCrV7KU, an extremely resistant steel that can be either flamed- or TAF-hardened and reaches HRC 48-65 and 1200÷1300 N/mm2 resistance to traction.


  1. Springs are made in Belgium following Luciano Bosis’s design and specifications.



6 Engraving

Engraving will give the final touch and personality to your gun. The options are endless and we have handpicked some of the best engravers. You can choose a theme and let our artists do the work or you can work together with us down to the last details. Our web site and our catalogue show many different engraving patterns and styles executed by the best engravers in the world: Pedretti, Creative Art, Pedersoli and Naida. We are always happy to let our customers speak directly to the artist of choice to discuss the artwork and the cost. If the customer does not want to do that, we are also happy to guide him/her through the selection of the right engraving based on his/her personal tastes and budget.


7 Grip

Both on Michelangelo and Wild guns you can choose from these different grip:

Prince of Wales grip

Round grip or called French grip

Straight stock or called English grip